Advertiser Responsibility
When advertising on this site it becomes your responsibility to deliver any advertised supply standard, warranty, service, and quality. The advertiser is responsible for any mistakes in the supplied content and contact details, including spelling mistakes and all other details provided for the advertisement. greenwithme.com is not liable for any errors in artwork or text submitted by the advertiser. We recommend that all information be checked prior to your submission.
Changing Advertising Details
Log in to your account and select edit to complete* alterations under a twelve-month advertisement agreement.*Complete means that details are not in any way false.
Using our Service
Users of greenwithme.com use the service provided to find and advertise goods and services online. When joining as a business it is a condition the businesses advertising on greenwithme.com will implement a minimum of one action each year. When the Business implementation options expire, the yellow sun symbol should be selected and greenwithme.com will contact you and suggest a number of other options available once you reach this point this all commitment-free, and keep advertising with us into a great and positive future.
Business and Services Details
All relevant business details and contacts will be displayed. There will be a location/map on the advertising display page with details of the environmental credentials the business has already achieved with information regarding the future aims of the business. Also, it allows anybody to connect, interact, submit and exchange ideas for future solutions and projects.
Advertising Cancellation
An individual or organization can withdraw their advertisement at any time by logging into their entry and selecting delete. Greenwithme.com will not refund or credit any funds for payment of advertising which has not been used.
Proof of Identity
An individual or organization is required to fill out all fields available on the joining page when applying for an advertisement. The ABN, CAN or Company Registration number will be used to identify fraud or improper use.
Advertiser Responsibility
The advertiser is responsible for contact details mistakes including spelling mistakes, and all other details provided for the advertisement. greenwithme.com is not liable for any errors in artwork or text submitted by the advertiser. We recommend that all information be checked for accuracy prior to your submission.
Individuals section
All comments/profiles are welcome in our Individuals section. All posts should be conducted in a language that can be understood by others. Swearing and rude comments are not allowed and can result in a user being banned from participating.
Where do implementation symbols apply
The implementation only applies to the premises, dwellings, factories, vehicles, etc., the business, company, organization, or institution is conducting business from.
How Many Symbols Do I Have To Implement?
Advertisers must implement a minimum of one symbol per calendar year (12 months). Have a good look around and see how many you already have addressed in the past, you can tick them all on the Business joining page. Different businesses will have different types of implementations available to them, when your options expire, simply select the sun symbol. After this symbol is selected we will contact you to congratulate you and to offer other options open to you if interested, all to gain recognition and the ability to demonstrate your further environmental responsibility commitment towards your customers.
Symbol conditions
You can find the symbol's conditions by simply moving the cursor over any symbol anywhere or with your finger if you have a touch screen.
Implementation Symbol Claim
Claiming a completed implementation means the business/company has complied with the symbol's conditions prior to lodging the advertisement. If the implementation requirement is not met, or not yet complete, the organization should not select or use the symbol.
Claiming Implementations
False or misleading information can result in the advertisement withdrawal without compensation from the greenwithme.com website and result in a ban from advertising with greenwithme.com in the future.
Implemented to date
All symbols displayed on the right-hand side of your advertising section are symbols that you have implemented to date. At least one implementation must be completed each year as a condition of joining.
Following year Implementation interest
Following year Implementations interest symbols should not be listed if the business/company or organization is not seriously intending to gather information for their following year options, however, if a business is seeking advice or likes to collect quotes, it can display the green envelope symbol by ticking the box in the joining page. You can change this at any time, simply login to your account, activate, or deactivate when satisfied with your enquires.
Implementation Execution
No implementations should be executed or carried out if the implementation in question requires a tool including any ladders or reaching aids of any kind. Also any other aid of any shape form or size. Anyone intending to implement any energy-saving option or implement any action must seek professional advice.