Every symbol represents a saving, contribution, and beneficial actions for the community and the environment. These conditions apply to all businesses and entreprises.

Where do implementations symbols apply?
The implementations only apply to the premises, dwellings, factories, vehicles, homes, offices, etc. the business, company, organization, or institution is conducting business from.
How many symbols do I have to implement?
Advertisers must implement a minimum of one action/symbol per calendar year (12 months). Have a good look around and see how many you already have addressed in the past, you can tick them all on the Business joining page. Different businesses will have different types of implementations available to them, when your options expire, simply select the green symbol under the respective category. After green symbols of the available categories are displayed we will contact you to congratulate you and will be able to connect you and help you to get carbon neutrality certification to gain further recognition to demonstrate your further environmental responsibility commitment and effort towards your customers and the planet.
Symbol conditions
You can find the symbols conditions by simply moving the cursor over any symbol anywhere or with your finger if you have a touch screen.
Implementation Symbol Claim
Claiming a completed implementation means the business/company has complied with the symbols conditions prior to lodging the advertisement. If the implementation requirement is not met, or not yet complete, the organization should not select or use the symbol.
Claiming Implementations
False or misleading information can result in the advertisement withdrawal without compensation from greenwithme.com and result in a ban from advertising with greenwithme.com in the future.
Implemented to date
All symbols displayed on the right-hand side of your advertising section are symbols that you have implemented to date. At least one implementation must be completed each year as a condition of joining.
Following year Implementation interest
Symbols for the following year's implementations interest should not be listed if the business/company or organization is not seriously intending to gather information for their following year's options. However, if a business is seeking advice or quotes, it can display the green envelope symbol by ticking the box on the joining page. You can change this at any time, simply login to your account, activate, or deactivate when satisfied with your enquires.
Implementation Execution
No implementations should be executed or carried out if the implementation in question requires a tool including any ladders or reaching aids of any kind. Also any other aid of any shape form or size. Anyone intending to implement any energy-saving option or implement any action must seek professional advice.